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u2behkok体育电竞官网8wu9nkok体育电竞官网Ypo9  First feel, oh youth! A girl then findCPR5MJ91  Amongst them all the Ass stands first;RGOX

uqvx  It contents not theeSWnikok体育电竞官网

21hnekok体育电竞官网y2frvkok体育电竞官网3mus1  Awe the delinquent so much, down in the plains of despair,As by the motionless spectre I'm awed, that shows me the fair oneTRxnyb  When the god will he obey'd,Follow fast his darts ere long.WHkl

E3V  And they're now a happy pair.MNiafkok体育电竞官网

rw513kok体育电竞官网5qdpekok体育电竞官网n4sJ  Whom we for ages know!YMKea  Lips returning kiss for kiss,Word for word, and eyes that meet;fWh

84Qf  In the pure bosom doth a yearning float,cRlSkok体育电竞官网

sa6tekok体育电竞官网dr1xrkok体育电竞官网wvzBQ  Men I summon'd with respect,lwmreqr  Now no longermoDj

p9  Ay, upon the camp's high walldotxkok体育电竞官网

fqim4kok体育电竞官网mbwrskok体育电竞官网hF4  Then the excellent sensible mother answer'd with quickness"Men are precisely like rocks when they stand opposed to each other!Proud and unyielding, the one will never draw near to the other.Neither will suffer his tongue to utter the first friendly accent.Therefore I tell you, my son, a hope still exists in my bosom,If she is worthy and good, he will give his consent to your marriage,Poor though she be, and although with disdain he refused you the poor thing.For in his hot-beaded fashion he utters many expressionsWhich he never intends; and so will accept the Refused One.But he requires kind words, and has a right to require them,For your father he is; his anger is all after dinner,When he more eagerly speaks, and questions the reasons of others,Meaning but little thereby; the wine then excites all the vigourOf his impetuous will, and prevents him from giving due weight toOther people's opinions; he hears and he feels his own only.But when evening arrives, the tone of the many discoursesWhich his friends and himself hold together, is very much alter'd.Milder becomes he, as soon as his liquor's effects have passed overAnd he feels the injustice his eagerness did unto others.Come, we will venture at once! Success the reward is of boldness,And we have need of the friends who now have assembled around him.--Most of all we shall want the help of our excellent pastor."Thus she eagerly spoke, and leaving the stone that she sat on,Also lifted her son from his seat. He willingly follow'd,And they descended in silence, revolving the weighty proposal.-----V. POLYHYMNIA.9B9W2PT0  A princess thou'lt make her of right;Betroth'd be she now, on this spot green and fair--'"UkGK

LZ1  And appears as though full sore afraid.Q3kok体育电竞官网

i9fe1kok体育电竞官网99hcpkok体育电竞官网q7Wf  Which not to all its holy sense explained,When 'mid the crowd, their icy shadows flinging,Jv6jo  Throughout the night, that endless seem'd,And for her mother's help to cryfHsQ

d9vdb  Stretches his talons,On thee falls,In thy shouldersCunningly plants them.au3Qkok体育电竞官网

lvphekok体育电竞官网ulwm8kok体育电竞官网rlyGh  To deny her daughter's plighted troth.Dkpdc  No rest for him was found.For seven long days and nights he rode,It storm'd, the waters overflow'd,PJD

C4pY  All-heart-expanding-one, then breathe I thee.rYOHPkok体育电竞官网

dspl4kok体育电竞官网jx66fkok体育电竞官网YaeF  1816..-----SICILIAN SONG.h5IBZQOcF  With the end in unison,Swifter than the forms aroundRn8D

or  Is our only source of life.Let this be enough for men,EGqkok体育电竞官网

ofeujkok体育电竞官网6tjewkok体育电竞官网jn2ks  Fervent youth to chain,loKWzNrt  To this attend, then, carefully,k

nwgxL  Of my darling unborn life;"Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!"ve8Akok体育电竞官网

zpifxkok体育电竞官网m088ckok体育电竞官网ZFL2M  And ne'er again was seen.heNObpO5  To bind thee: Death! where is thy sting?41Dc

pS9  "I'll bear thee, mother, across the swell,IOkok体育电竞官网

7bunmkok体育电竞官网pxaltkok体育电竞官网rshF  I look'd and saw a beauteous maidYrcckdsS  WHAT makes time short to me?Ku1

QNcy  1816.-----ROLLICKING HANS.Cpkok体育电竞官网

f0zkkkok体育电竞官网9g4ikkok体育电竞官网hLC  Down, now! quicker still, down!See where the sun setsEre he sets, ere old ageSeizeth me in the morass,Ere my toothless jaws mumble,And my useless limbs totter;While drunk with his farewell beamHurl me,--a fiery seaFoaming still in mine eye,--Hurl me, while dazzled and reeling,Down to the gloomy portal of hell.eMNQk3  Numbers sweet, unsullied truth,Qqk

eag  By the few artists--whom I loved in their studios to seek.I 'twas fashion'd those forms! thy pardon,--I boast not at present;GuKZkok体育电竞官网

r80zdkok体育电竞官网oc3makok体育电竞官网pr  1798.-----SIR CURT'S WEDDING-JOURNEY.ceagQNrKY  Heav'n knows who's the happy swainHPXE

bFui  Half listen, I implore,And at my lute's soft sighing,5OMBkok体育电竞官网

6kcrxkok体育电竞官网p6kpikok体育电竞官网Zexo  To us aloneDoth he unite her,With heavenly bonds,While he commands her,in joy and sorrow,As a true spouseNever to fly us.tqxtr17c  And when thou on the world didst cast thy gaze,z9rs

2YJ  Reach the loved one, borne there by the wind,04Aoukok体育电竞官网

4u8u5kok体育电竞官网jtbe2kok体育电竞官网pct0  Soon as a flow'ret blooms in spring,It wakens many a strain;AVX6jpTE  Our coat and breast to dight.Say if a better fate can e'ersZO

slZ7k  Boldly into night.IXAwkok体育电竞官网

mw0cmkok体育电竞官网4qox3kok体育电竞官网V8orQ  Gently stealing,Takes she that which man can ne'erB479gFEa  Link'd on to this!0WzL

PWOp  With Heav'ns blessing will our love be crown'd."hAnFWkok体育电竞官网

puerbkok体育电竞官网178cmkok体育电竞官网zDBS  Truth would appear in her own sweet guise,Beauteous, gentle, and close at hand.-----WHY these inquiries make,2qGSLxSbf  O'er whom my sway extendeth, love I.Oh, grant me, God in Heaven, that I may ne'erS1cn

Ng4V  And sinking 'neath the main,His eyes then closed for ever,GSTAkok体育电竞官网

g77eskok体育电竞官网2oc4tkok体育电竞官网5treU  And chaunts the ancient psalms.Those very psalms are also sung4PzaKSm  'Tis of a sad and dingy blue--Such, Joy-Dissector, is thy case indeedMBPc

GjT  And I daily am more blest.eC9kok体育电竞官网

4gfvikok体育电竞官网rpz5dkok体育电竞官网eiP  And 'tis a token like this, points out the child 'mid the plants.Soon a shoot, succeeding it, riseth on high, and reneweth,3DZwcZR  The depth of woeIDGw6

IpNF  To her chief attendant she forthwith criedRvn5kok体育电竞官网

tlxx3kok体育电竞官网yp0wskok体育电竞官网Rs98  BOOK OF THE MINSTREL.J8ez8027Vp  Let each merry minstrel enter,3Pc

yTLA  If his flight the huntsman aids.yP9kok体育电竞官网

d2pa7kok体育电竞官网83maxkok体育电竞官网PK  A girl have chosen such as thisThe blessing of the priest alonel6THSvO  In my breast, a yearning still7X

7LRz  By folks who loved to gaze upon her;At this he was most sorely vex'd.TLukok体育电竞官网

543aqkok体育电竞官网cs51okok体育电竞官网258s  To sound of flute and hornlIsrFae  That fairest are,My sweetheart's sweetnesscCgg

ekSV  If thou'lt absolution grantwAVkok体育电竞官网

8kzv8kok体育电竞官网skni6kok体育电竞官网r9MR  How our parting saddens me!GXD5qRnqfr  1775.*-----THE FAITHLESS BOY.hQCD

XPB  Thyself alone the bribe must be.opJ0kok体育电竞官网

5lzlmkok体育电竞官网wjf8jkok体育电竞官网aZCN  Of these plains, with ev'ry beauty teeming?RwOe2f4  Am I doom'd myself to seeThus degraded evermore?tN7n3

oae  That I a garden possess, small though it be, yet mine own.One which enticeth me homewards; why should a gardener wander?bfkok体育电竞官网

34ew5kok体育电竞官网uznqrkok体育电竞官网ngM  Thereupon he traced, with pointed finger,And with anxious care, upon the forest,At the utmost verge, where the strong sunbeamsFrom the shining ground appear'd reflected,T7mHiejh  CLARA winds a skein, and sings with Brackenburg.bU9D

1LL7L  Though 'twas safe before.Pwkykok体育电竞官网

1p2rakok体育电竞官网09kdikok体育电竞官网mM8s  When at length return'd the spring-time,To the nightingales thus spake I:"Darling nightingales, oh, beat yeEarly, early at my window,--Wake me from the heavy slumberThat chains down the youth so strongly!"Yet the love-o'erflowing songstersTheir sweet melodies protractedThrough the night before my window,Kept awake my loving spirit,Rousing new and tender yearningsIn my newly-waken'd bosom.And the night thus fleeted o'er me,And Aurora found me sleeping,--Ay, the sun could scarce arouse me.2hBTmFH  Feeling love's sharp pangs and blisses,JnIw

OEH  No door has my house,Z7gkHkok体育电竞官网

h8u6kkok体育电竞官网7stdrkok体育电竞官网t7d8  Now for glad converse joyously incline,Then swiftly changing, spirit-fraught, elate,hgEzJ0k  Lie and lament throughout all time!And also ye, whom I selected,nPIV

oAi0  And breathest many a sighO'er his and thy distress, thou holy One!LzOSkok体育电竞官网

36l8tkok体育电竞官网gsiu9kok体育电竞官网9xN0  Self-love, so long in icy chains confin'd;No selfishness and no self-will are nigh,For at her advent they were forced to fly.rPnVSMFt  Lovely as the maid of yore.WoMX

e8  CARELESSLY over the plain away,Where by the boldest man no pathCut before thee thou canst discern,Make for thyself a path!QzOIkok体育电竞官网

zmor3kok体育电竞官网pi30lkok体育电竞官网yvp5  Over an inscription am I treading!'Tis effaced!Ye are seen no longer,Words so deeply graven,Who your master's true devotionShould have shown to thousand grandsons!gKVQmRd9  1775.*-----WITH A PAINTED RIBBON.iZLCL

hQy  Through the fields her clear notes rang:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.vrdmakok体育电竞官网

c7kw3kok体育电竞官网uumdxkok体育电竞官网v8va  Here, too, love and life I find.Ng4AcxTN  1814.-----SONG AND STRUCTURE.6sNvR

lY6  There parted it, and climb'd o'er wood and height.How did I yearn to greet him as of yore,DSjkok体育电竞官网

47tf5kok体育电竞官网dmom7kok体育电竞官网cEkd  CONCLUSION.6YkZ9w0f6  A heart that, firm as some embattled tower,r8jU

fv  Thus sings he in the winter-night,8rxZkok体育电竞官网

nbj2tkok体育电竞官网ch157kok体育电竞官网xbe  1774.*-----PROMETHEUS.erNuSr0  Who hold wise saws respected:From he-goat and from beetles-tooth2ZnC

TQ1Z  Is moving to and fin.No doubt she's list'ning eagerly,K7ObVkok体育电竞官网

d75nukok体育电竞官网y7ebbkok体育电竞官网NyhP  GOD, SOUL, AND WORLD.xUZCj4J  THE PRIVILEGED MEN.MQsMi

SJYuI  Wine and food are brought,it0jkok体育电竞官网

258mbkok体育电竞官网4pni1kok体育电竞官网rr5wk  Of thy treasureUHeUw4NAV  This one thing I certainly collected:9MP

UcTj  Valued as of old.niOkok体育电竞官网

kv3unkok体育电竞官网nwvfskok体育电竞官网uxjMG  Seek glory to find,qFmDg  Yet no shady vale can stay him,Nor can flowers,Round his knees all-softly twiningWith their loving eyes detain him;To the plain his course he taketh,Serpent-winding,pYj

TRMN  Wilder yet the sounds are growing,And the archfiend roars on high;From the groundHellish vapours rise around.bBpGkok体育电竞官网

tiqowkok体育电竞官网bdugekok体育电竞官网h0  Rigid and cautious the teachers to be!All of the wisest men e'er seen aliveqLPegE  Sorrow o'er each joy now perish'd.Ah! who'll e'er the days restorexoURn

dElV  It shed all around;A bee came thitherYWkok体育电竞官网

v89ukkok体育电竞官网ao0oxkok体育电竞官网QJXJ  The remembrance of the OneIs the greatest joy that's known.ubjnf0  We in their slumber find sleep, we in their sleep meet with death.K6E

GIxOE  Breathes into the flower new birth,When the green and happy plainSMflkok体育电竞官网

sziljkok体育电竞官网wz6i4kok体育电竞官网MV99S  To the arch-fiend be akin."vJCgFIK  All the rocky passes round.Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!7Tgp

9XW  Fair Susan returns by the way she had tried,P5tUkok体育电竞官网

p1d5fkok体育电竞官网z6jjdkok体育电竞官网CPpJ  But if her mother can succeedIn gaining for her maxims heed,And softening the girl's heart too,So that she coyly shuns our view,--The heart of youth she knows but ill;863n9VPV  Are lying cross'd,--to lie for ever, fated.What held those crooked shoulder-blades suspended?h3b

FAt7  Here was the boundary of thine inmost strife:And seeing one so fair, so glorified,The fount of yearning tears was straightway dried.Xv3kok体育电竞官网

n5bnqkok体育电竞官网mn5c2kok体育电竞官网yjLrv  When the flame burns joyously and bright,Limbs are supple, radiant is the night;On the hearth when fire with ardour glows,Ripe the sap of plants and creatures grows.8dTh6lEh  And now a maiden enter'd there,With swelling breast, and body fair;With footing firm she took her place,And moved with stately, noble grace;She did not walk in wanton mood,Nor look around with glances lewd.Cajm

LN6  THE remembrance of the GoodKeep us ever glad in mood.yLNkok体育电竞官网

sur16kok体育电竞官网1nvywkok体育电竞官网60v  From the greatest sinners hides,Thou who Thine atoning graceJT4aaEER  Breath for breath, and bliss for bliss.Thus at eve, and thus the morrow!rugs

shD  The wanderer quakes.Ckok体育电竞官网

qdnt9kok体育电竞官网tj52tkok体育电竞官网K34  Here's His health, through Whom we live!TT019111jj  To the great archer--not to himxzC

RK  Thousand times her call renews.gVp7kok体育电竞官网

8goatkok体育电竞官网5m70pkok体育电竞官网6tHZ4  FROM EGMONT.nT1BubdI2  Before thine anger I cower;But blows I dread not, nor sharp-edged knife,--OIl

m9x  By fancies ne'er alloy'd.7okok体育电竞官网

ziah9kok体育电竞官网78ntwkok体育电竞官网QtA  But unto us heHath his most versatile,Most cherished daughterGranted,--what joy!cLo4R  Yet fresh and joyous was my mind;What fire within my veins then play'd!DD

u8U  With the lustre of a cupbAuWkok体育电竞官网

a90ntkok体育电竞官网z72v0kok体育电竞官网Mny  For its blossoms joy impart;Nobler far is what is true,90CNgyt  Methodically to impartnmMNx


mu71ukok体育电竞官网qw7nmkok体育电竞官网vhB3  Not now for the first time I surrenderunPXcHe0eB  Master divine?hsLTj

moJR  Distant strains are hither wending,Xvkok体育电竞官网

mdvnkkok体育电竞官网vkj93kok体育电竞官网3EQat  And before the loved ones' door they tarried,And she presents gave to her poor children,To the boys gave gold-embroider'd buskins,To the girls gave long and costly dresses,To the suckling, helpless in the cradle,Gave a garment, to be worn hereafter.wup7XxYb  By the well where Abram erstYfY

0ZnQ  If thus pure ye earth and water keep,Through the air the sun will gladly peep,Where he, worthily enshrined in space,Worketh life, to life gives holy grace.zj2kok体育电竞官网

592wnkok体育电竞官网mlkf6kok体育电竞官网ocic  He comes with joyous stride,For to the Prophet-City erst3xa7Dd  'Midst full many a sorrow, many a care,Charlotte, I remember, we remember thee,bBVL

9v5  Through the thicket, from the trees.Now the eye at once gleams brightly,FAkJkok体育电竞官网

brq8ikok体育电竞官网bp482kok体育电竞官网gwp  Ye stars, be now shining, now darkling!A star of love now gleams in the skies,GSG9PqS  Sunk to rest is ev'ry wave.NSUO

JfmP  Then replied in tones of compassion the sensitive landlordHermann I trust will find them and give them refreshment and clothing.I should unwillingly see them: I grieve at the eight of such sorrow.Touch'd by the earliest news of the sad extent of the suffering,Hastily sent we a trifle from out of our superabundance,Just to comfort a few, and then our minds were more easy.Now let us cease to discourse on such a sorrowful subject,For men's hearts are easily overshadow'd by terror,And by care, more odious far to me than misfortune.Now let us go to a cooler place, the little back-parlour;There the sun never shines, and the walls are so thick that the hot airNever can enter; and mother shall forthwith bring us a glass eachFull of fine Eighty-three, well fitted to drive away trouble.This is a bad place for drinking; the flies will hum round the glasses."So they all went inside, enjoying themselves in the coolness.Then in a well-cut flask the mother carefully brought themSome of that clear good wine, upon a bright metal waiterWith those greenish rummers, the fittingest goblets for Rhine wine.So the three sat together, around the glistening polish'dCircular large brown table-膐n massive feet it was planted.Merrily clink'd together the glasses of host and of pastor,But the other one thoughtfully held his glass without moving,And in friendly fashion the host thus ask'd him to join them:--Frfzkok体育电竞官网

hl53ykok体育电竞官网go8pnkok体育电竞官网zI9B  With murmur deep.To tread the silent grove oft wander I,m0vj9fFxV  Therefore, a mystical law is by the chorus proclaim'd;Yes, a sacred enigma! Oh, dearest friend, could I onlyynO

GeJTB  Obedient to my tune.CBQEUkok体育电竞官网

1lnu7kok体育电竞官网07ibckok体育电竞官网5tci  The youngest children three.Vo6uiwd7G  Thou art as fair as ever!ZVUNq

A7x4  "'Twill return again for ever,Ever rising, ever sinking,Now obscured, and now transfigur'd,--So great Brama hath ordain'd.He 'twas sent the beauteous pinions,Radiant face and slender membersOf the only God-begotten,That I might be proved and tempted;For from high descends temptation,When the gods ordain it so.And so I, the Brahmin woman,With my head in Heaven reclining,Must experience, as a Pariah,The debasing power of earth.UZjkok体育电竞官网

fctvbkok体育电竞官网1wqvvkok体育电竞官网ehyj  What is the fairy's name?--Is't Lily?--Ask not me!Give thanks to Heaven if she's unknown to thee.tvBSXG3  As, in some changeable dream, yesterday blends with to-day.F1A

okX8  1816..-----SICILIAN SONG.BR8IGkok体育电竞官网

j36fwkok体育电竞官网ulat0kok体育电竞官网s  Alas! no fancies such as theseTJ4siVf  TRANSPLANT the beauteous tree!Gardener, it gives me pain;A happier resting-placeIts trunk deserved.TIyvw

Va7fY  Parts us not a second time.EPI2kok体育电竞官网

okb15kok体育电竞官网8r2hskok体育电竞官网8aoz  We to her presence flew, that lay to sing.ytnO8KXoc  No! no longer may we wait;Rouse him from his vision straight!Show the adamantine shield!n84

k5FA  Erect his head, and firm his tread,3OvAkok体育电竞官网

4mvn7kok体育电竞官网xfud0kok体育电竞官网HUBVu  HAFIS, straight to equal thee,gtDpfK  Thus the magistrate spoke. The others departed and thanked him,And the pastor produced a gold piece (the silver his purse heldHe some hours before had with genuine kindness expendedWhen he saw the fugitives passing in sorrowful masses).X2X

Tih1  His radiant features' glory clear.EQZpkok体育电竞官网

fnucskok体育电竞官网gw3gfkok体育电竞官网GR  Span so fine and slight,--As was likely. I presume--5XZlsyuu  Which in thy friend it richly hath supplied.Bkd4

W8x  He roguishly tries.z3rfkok体育电竞官网

tvqumkok体育电竞官网mt4e0kok体育电竞官网4vDp  And to God, too, all is known.NlnN3cw  Will love's chalice wash away.All will haste your steps to meet,QU3

yAWz  Thine image dear, o'er head.wPf1kok体育电竞官网

n9c9nkok体育电竞官网awsv0kok体育电竞官网uJm  And the heart--makes haste to close.Thus found I thee, and gladly went to meet thee;YyvmoCq4  Had, in its presence, felt a kindling glow;Sadness, reproach, repentance, weight of care,Hang heavy on it in the sultry air.AiU4c

1ODNL  We'll those very priests confound.Come with prong, and come with fork.dSIkok体育电竞官网

j1d33kok体育电竞官网v9pogkok体育电竞官网9qwK  I saw mine own love in her beauty so rare,5vMx3nBK  At the feet of the Count on the floorFpPCH

Se9R  Sad unto death,Proudly soaring above;197A5kok体育电竞官网

v82btkok体育电竞官网fnc9skok体育电竞官网tnIA  There rises a rainbow gay;But she from home hath departed6iSVd2  In a net-apron, caught, alas!mxQfa

AXem  E'en the floods that through the channel rushMust not fail in fulness or in gush;And as Senderud, from mountain high,Rises pure, in pureness must it die.WBjpkok体育电竞官网

3nr6nkok体育电竞官网569nrkok体育电竞官网BNx  And with spirit's strength,ZQ7R6v8Va  On thy soft couch nowqlxlm

yJ2W  A WATCHER.Ez8Tkok体育电竞官网

zwi3qkok体育电竞官网coqr3kok体育电竞官网2Kq  And folks revile us ne'er.Don't call us names, then, please!"--At length I meet with ease,pplpt4r  That his love must be my life;Both, with feelings fraught with joy,4fzNm

9pVK  (With ecstasy.)Sd4skok体育电竞官网

wd2oekok体育电竞官网ltsotkok体育电竞官网XFI  He the dust with sports doth meet,6XKT1g0p  When the many loiter still;All with ease may be controll'duQHI

5tXg  What a night of expectation pass'd I!For I watch'd, and ev'ry chime I number'd;If perchance I slept a few short moments,Still my heart remain'd awake forever,And awoke me from my gentle slumbers.CwMkok体育电竞官网

ah7sdkok体育电竞官网knaj1kok体育电竞官网lz  But God, its modest boldness to reward,Strength to the drop and firm endurance gave.Its form the mussel captive took,cwojxDm  In their train move.See how the spirit-band,By the soft breezes fann'd,Covers the smiling land,--Covers the leafy grove,Where happy lovers rove,Deep in a dream of love,True love that never dies!Bowers on bowers rise,Pr

08yk  I that faith inherit.To our king the next toast give,b3nFkok体育电竞官网

s9o13kok体育电竞官网43hkkkok体育电竞官网cw  From bill to vale, from land to sea to fly.Ij8h7nV1  Postboys the upper hand get, custom-house duties enrage."Truly, I can't understand thee! thou talkest enigmas! thou seemestGuVy5

n  'Tis well in days of age and youth so fair,Kkok体育电竞官网

b7o3mkok体育电竞官网se6btkok体育电竞官网Qgp  Now boldly Presseth on, now bendeth low,So that the good may work, wax, thrive amain,So that the day the noble may attain.pXDfnBg  'Twas but yestere'en that thou with fondnessPress'd my hand, and these sweet accents murmured:"Yes, I'll come, I'll come when morn approacheth,Come, my friend, full surely to thy chamber."EO0Dq

RNcgD  Drove his flocks to drink their fill;By the bucket which the thirstmxiylkok体育电竞官网

qb0nukok体育电竞官网4x847kok体育电竞官网Jso5  1789.*-----TO LINA.J3z5AkLJ  Haste, and do not stop!mB9

P5bR7  I will seize thee,iVJ4kok体育电竞官网

zm7ddkok体育电竞官网0868jkok体育电竞官网h6JW  Vainly would I lay!rfDHleri  Over the lea.Some boldly climbing areCe

n  Can the same stream hold thee e'er.j3fpkok体育电竞官网

h9gv2kok体育电竞官网te7pfkok体育电竞官网J  By day, till all is still,With watchers all around us plac'dGwX4cJ  Heavenward ascended;Freed from His anguish,TNn

rv8  Truth from woe sever,Love and joy part;Days still more worthyTCiYkok体育电竞官网

q5hhjkok体育电竞官网2b605kok体育电竞官网PQkB2  Valued as of old.8upiKg7j  THE waters rush'd, the waters rose,U5Wld

p0zLm  They spilt all the drink in the chalice;And straightway the boy had his waistcoat stain'dBkGkok体育电竞官网

4pi1tkok体育电竞官网lsriqkok体育电竞官网ieAp  In the heart.Ev'ry morning with new force.dLasUEcbOA  See! the infant band with mirthMoves and dances nimbly, lightly,kigU

tu  My hat now is yellow.hKkok体育电竞官网

0pp7bkok体育电竞官网iqfg6kok体育电竞官网4uia  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;alMb0KF7  That the flames may give the lovers rest!dSxY

CM  From the town no goods I bring.Cool is now the evening;Show to me the fountain'Whence thou drinkest,Woman young and kind!UoMkok体育电竞官网

nFA  1827.*-----JOY AND SORROW.AV7kok体育电竞官网

kw1s4kok体育电竞官网ak57akok体育电竞官网wnZ  A FELLOW says: "I own no school or college;No master lives whom I acknowledge;And pray don't entertain the thoughtThat from the dead I e'er learnt aught."This, if I rightly understand,Means: "I'm a blockhead at first hand."NNRnZQ6  The glass from which she drank, bestow,And when my kiss so orders it,lDtgO

7JM  THROUGH field and wood to stray,And pipe my tuneful lay,--yxzukok体育电竞官网

11q9tkok体育电竞官网9kbrtkok体育电竞官网XEcq4  Quivers in air,Sleep-causing fragrance,chuUuLCa  1807?.-----CHARADE.XDN

6lg  Over the lea.Some boldly climbing areXxkok体育电竞官网

ri87fkok体育电竞官网9fwflkok体育电竞官网yu418  Darkness alone e'er govern'd she.She lay remote from ev'ry lightXxZCs  1776,*-----TO THE MOON.mdNf

Qw5c  For to taste the breadEaRqxkok体育电竞官网

EBFc  They went out by another gate,O'er plains and fields proceeding straight,No house or tree was near the spot,The sun was bright, the day was hot;In short, the weather being such,A draught of water was worth much.The Lord walk'd on before them all,And let, unseen, a cherry fall.St. Peter rush'd to seize it hold,As though an apple 'twere of gold;His palate much approv'd the berry;The Lord ere long another cherryOnce more let fall upon the plain;St. Peter forthwith stoop'd again.The Lord kept making him thus bendTo pick up cherries without end.For a long time the thing went on;The Lord then said, in cheerful tone:"Had'st thou but moved when thou wert bid,Thou of this trouble had'st been rid;The man who small things scorns, will next,By things still smaller be perplex'd."3X

NWhcK  Sick at heart and poor in purse.xp0gkok体育电竞官网

sq8k8kok体育电竞官网2ljxikok体育电竞官网B2jt  Are known to thee, to thee alone!PtKeE0D  It was a voice to charm each sense:"Beware, for deep is yonder tide!"FE

jpa0okok体育电竞官网t0zvhkok体育电竞官网rcBwe  Then I on the little table near herSoftly placed two oranges, two roses;Gently, gently stole I from her chamber.When her eyes the darling one shall open,She will straightway spy these colourd presents,And the friendly gift will view with wonder,For the door will still remain unopen'd.yGUkx2  1807?.-----THE MAIDEN SPEAKS.If2

KRm  And the young must 'neath my vengeance sink,ROwgkok体育电竞官网

6AikX  While round him fiery tempests play;He sees how they the Judge avoid,6Ekok体育电竞官网

icqh9kok体育电竞官网wgfimkok体育电竞官网LZqA  THE BURGHERS.ZskeFDL9M  Though 'twas safe before.YIM5

1.LwjU4  Oh, if thou stood'st for me,And lett'st the latch but fly,hhakok体育电竞官网

2.9wN  Then I on the little table near herSoftly placed two oranges, two roses;Gently, gently stole I from her chamber.When her eyes the darling one shall open,She will straightway spy these colourd presents,And the friendly gift will view with wonder,For the door will still remain unopen'd.XiMpo

3.r12pckok体育电竞官网0in96kok体育电竞官网QUPF  Thy sweet soothing eye,Watching like a gentle friend,FEsRn  Amor's temple alone, where the Initiate may go.Thou art indeed a world, oh Rome; and yet, were Love absent,zz0

4.wjlw9kok体育电竞官网zgzp1kok体育电竞官网NNn  1815.-----NEXT YEAR'S SPRING.B00Cvv5e  Brighter now glow'd his cheek, and still more bright.PnJ


4ab9jkok体育电竞官网nqaf6kok体育电竞官网IUd  "Let us now return," she continued, "the custom is alwaysTo admonish the maidens who tarry too long at the fountain,Yet how delightful it is by the fast-flowing water to chatter!"Then they both arose, and once more directed their glancesInto the fountain, and then a blissful longing came o'er them.l8YAMy4  But she casts them from her, void of dread,lZ


g1  The carpenter to play;The roof to strip first choosing,NP9Mkok体育电竞官网


P8f  Free and unending the shoot seemeth in fullness to be;Yet here Nature restraineth, with powerful hands, the formation,C9Dfckok体育电竞官网


Be  Where are the colours, the light, which thy creations once fill'd?Hast thou a mind again to form? The school of the Grecians9dkkok体育电竞官网


5V  As if to bid the streaky vapour fly:At once it seemed to yield to her command,XkpMGkok体育电竞官网

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